Dynamic Risk Consulting LLC is a small business located in Salem, Oregon focusing on providing accounting, audit, and consulting services to small and mid-size organizations with domestic and international operations

Accounting & Auditing Services

As your business grows and your accounting needs become more complex, we partner with you to offer advice based on our extensive experience and the diverse client base we serve.

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    If navigating the complexities of nonprofit accounting feels like a never-ending puzzle, you’re in the right place.

    Discover unparalleled expertise with Dynamic Risk Consulting, your premier destination for part-time outsourced controller services – where our tenured team, bearing over a decade of Big 4 public accounting experience, forges the cornerstone of your nonprofit’s financial success. Our seasoned auditors and strategic financial advisors unite meticulous accuracy with visionary planning, safeguarding your mission with steadfast compliance and empowering it with strategic fiscal insights. Partner with us to solidify your nonprofit’s fiscal foundation and illuminate your financial pathway.

    Why Choose Our Nonprofit Controller Services?

    • Bespoke Financial Management: Enjoy personalized service that aligns with your organization’s mission and operational structure. Our part-time controllers oversee financial reporting, budgeting, and internal controls, ensuring that every dollar contributes to your cause.
    • Cost-Effective Resource Allocation: With our outsourced model, you have access to top-tier financial expertise without the expense of a full-time salary. Our fees are on an hourly basis, the cost can be as low as $150/month depending on your needs. This means more of your resources can be directed towards your services and programs. We’ve tested this model and nonprofits save on overage $40,000 per year without benefits.
    • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting: Ensuring adherence to financial regulations is vital for maintaining public trust and tax-exempt status. Our part-time controller services help to stay abreast of the latest nonprofit financial regulations to keep you compliant and ready for audits.
    • Risk Management: We implement robust internal controls to protect against fraud and manage financial risks, bolstering the integrity and reliability of your financial operations. With more stringent financial regulations, the internal controls realm is needs to be tighten up. Our team has over 10 years of experience in assisting organization with implementing and documenting risks and controls to meet audit and regulatory requirements.
    • Strategic Planning Support: Our controllers go beyond transactional tasks, offering insightful analysis and strategic guidance to nurture your nonprofit’s growth and sustainability. We help with budgeting as well as other strategic initiatives.
    • Financial Reporting: We provide you with clear, concise, and comprehensive financial reports tailored to the needs of your board, management, and external stakeholders.
    • Advanced Technology and Systems: Leverage your accounting software and technology to streamline financial processes, increase transparency, and improve decision-making. Organizations have saved up to 50% in time and cost used to run accounting and provide documentation to auditors by using their accounting system “the smart way.”

    Whether you’re looking to augment your existing financial team’s capabilities or fully outsource your financial management functions, Dynamic Risk Consulting delivers the skill, dedication, and nuanced understanding required to guide your nonprofit towards fiscal efficiency and mission success.

    Contact us today to discuss how our outsourced controller services for nonprofits can empower your organization to achieve greater financial clarity and effectiveness, driving forward your invaluable work in the community.

    Risk Management Services:

    Navigate the complexities of risk with our comprehensive Risk Management Services. Our dedicated team offers a proactive approach to identify, assess, and mitigate the risks that can impact your organization’s growth and success. Leveraging over a decade of experience including Big 4 public accounting, cutting-edge tools and strategies, we deliver quality risk assessments tailored to your industry’s unique challenges. From operational to strategic, financial to compliance risks, our services are designed to fortify your business resilience. We partner with you to develop robust risk frameworks, policies, and internal controls that align with your corporate objectives, fostering a culture of informed decision-making. Ensure your business is prepared for the unexpected with our expert risk management support.

    Audit Services:

    Elevate your organization’s financial integrity with our Audit Services. Our seasoned auditors bring a meticulous eye and unwavering commitment to accuracy, delivering high-quality audits and audit readiness that go beyond just ticking boxes. We dive deep into your financial records to provide a transparent and thorough analysis, ensuring that all statements are true and fair. Our approach is collaborative and tailored, focusing on areas of significant importance to yield valuable insights into your financial operations. With an emphasis on compliance and regulatory standards, we empower you with the confidence to make strategic decisions and meet stakeholder expectations. Choose Dynamic Risk Consulting for audit excellence that enhances trust and supports your strategic goals.

    Our mission is to fortify the financial pillars of your organization with unparalleled Accounting and Internal Controls Consulting Services. Acknowledging the critical significance of robust internal controls in steering governance and risk management, we have dedicated ourselves for over a decade to perfecting a service model that not only meets the unique needs of each client but also emphasizes cost efficiency without compromising quality. Our commitment is to ensure the financial integrity and operational effectiveness of your business, while consistently achieving internal and regulatory compliance standards. We don’t just consult; we partner with you to secure a resilient financial future.

    Internal Controls Consulting:

    Our services are designed to build and enhance a robust internal control structure tailored to the unique risks and processes of your organization. We assist in:

    • Developing risks and internal controls frameworks that are compliance with FASB and PCAOB.
    • Evaluating and improving existing control frameworks.
    • Designing and implementing controls to prevent, detect, and correct errors or fraud.
    • Providing recommendations to optimize efficiency and compliance with regulatory requirements.
    • Advising on best practices for segregation of duties and fraud risk management.
    • Assisting with the preparation and remediation for external audits.

    Accounting Consulting:

    Our accounting professionals offer strategic advisory services to address the full spectrum of your accounting needs, including:

    • Offering temporary or ongoing accounting support to bridge expertise gaps.
    • Streamlining accounting processes for better efficiency and accuracy.
    • Implementing accounting software and technology solutions.
    • Advising on complex accounting standards and financial reporting requirements.
    • Preparing financial reports needed for Board meetings or audits.

    Whether you are a startup, an established business, or a non-profit, Dynamic Risk Consulting’s Internal Controls and Accounting Consulting Services are here to support your goals with precision, reliability, and strategic foresight.


    DRC Bookkeeping LLC is a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and PMI, with deep expertise in small business bookkeeping challenges and best practices.

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