Jenny Dalto

Accounting/Audit/Compliance Consultant

Hi – My name is Jenny Dalto and about 10 years ago, while in college, I took a career assessment and the results indicated that based on my interests, I would make a great investigator. This result intrigued me at the time as I was pursuing an accounting degree, which I thought was all numbers related and honestly dry work. Little did I know….

Next year, as a junior in college, I had an internship offer from one of the Big 4 public accounting firms, which I happily accepted. It was a summer filled with accomplishments ranging from networking to being exposed into the public accounting life, but most importantly learning about the different industries, businesses, and job responsibilities professionals pursue during a lifetime.

At this point, my natural “investigator” interests started kicking in and I wanted to know more…much more about the profession I was about to pursue, but also how I can add value to those organizations. The internship resulted in a job offer post graduation and an almost five amazing years years learning, growing, and soul searching about what truly makes me happy as a professional.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but I consider those years, my “career’s core” because even after working as part of an organization, I kept adding skills to my “core.” Further, down the line, I realized that something was professionally missing and this is when I decided to continues as an independent consultant for small and mid-size organizations. I love helping businesses with a wide range of services that are within my expertise. The investigator, I am, enjoys taking time to understand their needs and growing pains and how I can add the most value based on the budget and time I have. Many times this means going back to basics, but as I always say “a strong core” is business essential as it helps improve process inefficiencies, turnover, increased regulations etc. This is me in a nutshell and I look forward at the opportunity of working together.